Hungry? make an order, wherever you are at!


This is something you may definitely get used to! Ordering your food online without paying any dime!
It is an absolutely amazing experience. Ready to try today! Go on, I bet you are getting hungry as often as I am.

Are you always hungry or tired or both! So you may find this article pretty helpful.

You may find many chain restaurants -like McDonald’s- have their own websites for ordering. Also, all local restaurants have phone numbers for food delivery. However, the easiest and best way of ordering food to your doorstep is Yemeksepeti which is an online platform brings all restaurants in your neighborhood together. You can choose your location and you will get a list of a variety of restaurants in your area right away.

What is special about Yemeksepeti?

Easy to use and choose! You can find absolutely everything – from real Turkish cuisine to Sushi. Every restaurant has its minimum ordering limit but usually, it’s not more than 15 TRY. Minimum delivery amount depends on how far the restaurant from your delivery address. But as mentioned, most of the cases you need to order at least for 15 TRY and your food will come free to your doorstep. Also, it is convenient for expats since you can choose the language to be in English. Average delivery time is 45 min but almost most of the times it’s not taking more than 30 min.

Everyone’s parents criticize from time to time.
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Is it really free to order food?

Absolutely! Either ordering by phone from a local restaurant or by online from Yemeksepeti. There is no fee and mainly if it is online, what you only need to do is opening an account. You will only pay what you order. Our experience with Yemeksepeti has been really nice and we could say it’s the best way to order food to your doorstep.

How may I get the phone number of a local restaurant?

Mainly they find you! If you check your physical post box, you will find their flyers. You may also ask any of your nearby local restaurants if they do home delivery, and believe me, they do! Are you a researcher! and looking new tastes in/out of your neighborhood. That’s good, you may check Google Places, Zomato, Foursquare or Yelp to reach more diverse options.

Is ordering online safe?

This is the best part! You can pay by cash, credit or debit card at the doorstep. See the food first and then pay for it! Of course, if you would like to pay in advance, you may pay online. We found it very safe!

Rating matters!

Another value of ordering online is Ratings! You may check previous experiences of the people like you. It is amazing how people give ratings to restaurants to make a clear path for you to choose what to eat. We usually prefer restaurants have a rating of 8 or more out of 10. This way you may try new tastes without having any disappointment.


I hope you will find this post useful! Please, leave your comments below on how was your experience of ordering food!


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