How to Deal with Mondays


Monday is coming! and many of us don’t know how to deal with Mondays; it is hard to leave your bed,  go to work or school and literally it is not so easy to focus on any task during the day.

Like all others, should we accept that Monday is horrible? or do we have something to do about it. Let’s admit that! Blaming to Monday is not going to make it better. You have many things to do to make you feel Mondays like Fridays.

Here’s 5 things you may do for better Mondays!

Start organising your week from Sunday.

For an efficient day, it is good to be prepared. For Mondays, it would be better to be organised.Check your weekly schedule on Sunday, decide what you will wear, keep your bags and necessary items ready and sleep early!

Don’t start anything crucial on Monday.
Believe me, less is more on Mondays! Don’t schedule anything heavy on these days. Having a relaxed start to a week makes you more efficient on other days.Also, stop setting milestones on Mondays, no diets, no gym, no contracts, nothing so crucial.

Turn your Monday to an orientation day for rest of week.
Orientation makes the difference! You have enjoyed your stress free time on weekend and switching back to reality is harsh. Take Mondays as orientation for rest of week. Don’t try to beat your liabilities! Just plan the week!

Reward yourself on every Monday.

Start your Monday with the royal breakfast. Take your time while handling the tasks, It is perfect time to enjoy a lunch with your colleagues, eat whatever you want, listen up mood music and sing all day. If you are married or in a relationship, start the day with morning sex and end it with another one.

Don’t do anything for others, make Monday as your day

Postpone to another day if there are requests from people around you (I am not talking about your daily job which needs to serve others), keep yourself away from TV news, newspapers and social networks during the day, read a book, watch a movie, play some video games if you are at home. Have chance to go out! do it! spend time with your loved ones, enjoy the evening!
BONUS:Ask your boss to make an holiday of every first Monday of the month!

I heard some companies have already done this! Why not, right!At least you may work from home at that day!


If you are still hopeless from your Mondays and believe that nothing will change, so I guess this song is coming for you! Then, Enjoy your Manic Monday.



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